Video - 120cc variator weight tuning

Videa 120cc variator weight tuning

120cc variator weight tuning

Due to the bigger motor and changing power band , The variator weights have to be changed either lighter or heavier to make the DIO take off quickly, stay in low gear till the revs come up, THEN transition to top gear , all in one smooth acceleration curve. YOur big main clutch spring tension, belt condition and Variator total weights in front variator. After this video was shot, I took out the 8 grams, and put in 8,10,8,10,8,10 weights for a total of 54 grams. The theory is that heavier weights will allow for slower take off and faster top speed. LIghter weights will have a fast take off but shorter power curve, resulting in peak rpm reached at a lower top speed. The trick is to find the exact medium between the two extremes, then you can tweak it one way or another. Clutch spring wear and belt stretching will throw the whole equation off, so you have to be aware of all the variables and use as close to new components to get this job right.


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